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Burn Notice: Arma 3 Spec Ops (Liru on the ground)

After eliminating a russian officer and getting mixed responses from a US strike team, Liru’s 3 man team must find its way back to US forces without being shot from the Russians, locals, and other US forces. Tough decisions have to be made, but will Liru even make it out alive…?

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System specs:
Just note that the core has been overclocked to 4.5 GHz she can handle 5.0 and I had that on for a while, but I don’t like how hot it gets and there wasn’t much difference performance wise in Arma.

Q + A:

Q: You should play on the ground more!
A: I love zeus because I like creating and organizing scenarios. On the ground, I almost always devolve into a squad leader or commander that demands good comms, 360 security, and things to be executed as flawlessly as possible. That’s challenging to do outside of milsim with more than 10 people in Arma 3, and thus I just don’t enjoy it as much as I would compared to being a Zeus. if you want more on the ground content, look up Jester814. I absolutely love his stuff! Also, check out my Antistasi campaign or older content if you REALLY want to see me on the ground!

Q: How do I join you and your ops?
A: We’re open enrollment:
Come to a friday op, make a forum account, and the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it 🙂

Q: how do you upload so many videos a day?!?
A: Thanks to the marvels of time management, I am able to go to college, work 40 hours a week, maintain my now 3 year+ relationship with Bloodwing, and host 6-7 operations within different categories of Arma, then process them and upload them to YouTube and somehow still get 6-8 hours of sleep a night…HAHA JK I DONT SLEEP IM JUST A ROBOT!

Q: You should shoot for going full time!
A: There are MANY obstacles to that…but rather than explain them all i’ll just say one thing and my classic line in terms of what the future holds. I’ll set the stage and “we’ll see how it all plays out”.

Q: You should do a collab with Person XYZ!
A: Here’s my stance on that: You gotta ask them for me. I don’t mind zeusing for anyone, I just care if they have a good time, but these days I host A LOT and do collabs with people weekly and bi weekly (such as Manticore and the 506th). If people wanna collab with me, they need to ask me through suggest2liru@gmail.com. It’s not that i’m trying to be an ass, it’s because I already host at least once a day for a playerbase, my own or another, and if I need to do a collab, it needs to be scheduled ahead of time since each playerbase is accustomed to different settings. i spend DAYS preping for my collabs so I can provide quality entertainment for the players, and in turn provide the same for my viewers.

Q: Man, why do you zeus? You’re the worst i’ve ever seen, your playerbase is still alive for fucks sake!
A: *laughs* all right, that’s cute, here’s your permaban from my comment section, now get out of here you little rascal! Seriously.

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