What Death Game is is a mode in which all the enemies and bosses are 100-120 levels higher than normal. I take on different bosses in this mode from time to time. Sometimes I’m accompanied by friends, but mostly I’m by myself.

This time I take on the Hollow Reaper, who would be between Lv220-240 on Death Game. I use clips from the anime episode against the Skull Reaper for more immersion. I also change my character’s hair and eyes to normal Kirito’s, as well as his voice. On top of that, I swap out my two main weapons (which have 1099 and 1551 damage value), for my corrupted Elucidator and Dark Repulsor, which barely have over 300 damage value each, to more mimic that classic anime fight.

I also purposely refrained from using my arcane skill, Nebular Empress, and even didn’t use Eclipse, because Kirito hadn’t revealed that skill by that point in the anime. I wanted to recreate that fight as best I could.

Also that Atk bonus for doing an Exact Backstep is no joke. Even with those two crappy swords, my Nightmare Rain did nearly 1,000,000 damage from the boost. Still my overall damage output was low enough to keep the fight going for a decent amount of time.

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July 7, 2020

The Skull Reaper in SAO S1 was certainly one of the biggest imposing bosses that the Raid Team faced. While Gleam Eyes was hard, it was mostly due to an inexperienced and underleveled Guild rushing in and promptly getting slapped around brutally hard as a punishment, forcing Kirito, Klein and Asuna's teams to do all the heavy lifting and Kirito was admittedly forced to do all the work in ending the battle to which he almost got killed.

Meanwhile the battle against the Skull Reaper on Floor 75 was nothing to scoff at, as even with Heatcliff and the KotB helping, the Raid Boss was still brutally powerful. Outside of Heatcliff giving the major warning to avoid clustering together which is the best way to die thanks to its attacks and strength, it had enough power to inflict so much damage that a direct blow could easily kill a player. Heatcliff himself was only shown defending during the battle intro while parrying hits with his shield. The sheer fear in Kirito, Asuna, Klein and Agil's faces among those present as they witness how monstrous this fiend is really shows that they might have been too overconfident in themselves and their allies. Likewise the actual Hollow Reaper is the first actual Hollow Boss that can really punish. Debuffs include Vitality Down, Poison, Bleed and potentially Paralysis and if those all stack, not even the Healing Skill can keep you alive while you attack forcing you and your ally to either play defensively or for you to Parry, Stun and chain skills to prevent it from being able to attack. Yes, it's normal attacks aren't too threatening but the debuffs are and the Specials/Ult it has can be brutal if you think you can safely Parry or Stun certain specials which fail to do what they would otherwise do.



July 7, 2020

Nice video 🙂 Do you still play the game?


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