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Game Maker Studio: Menus, Shaders and Dialogue Box Demonstration

Please read the description for an explanation of everything included in this video! If anybody would like tutorials on how I’m doing all of this, just let me know.

I’ve added a menu system, where the code is mostly using scripts, so I’m not copy and pasting large amounts of code, whereas in the past I used to. It automatically counts how many items are on the menu and lets you scroll up and down, all you have to do is fill out an array of text in the create event.

I’ve added a dialogue box system for dialogue. It supports having pictures for each person, and a different “typing” sound allocated to the person as well. All you have to do is call the script “scr_gui_speech” with the arguments of the character ID and the string of text they say, and it will display each one after another! Dialogue can be skipped by pressing the down key as it is read out.

There is a “shaders” option in the settings menu, where you can select between “off”, using no shaders at all (eg. if you have a slow computer), “low”, for using shaders at the game’s lowest pixel resolution (240 pixels high, width depends on your aspect ratio) and scaling it up along with everything else, and “high” which scales everything up first and then runs it through the shader at the native resolution the game runs at (in this case, 1080p). The menu will show you what each shader setting looks like as you select it.

I have updated the “CCTV” shader with help from my friend. It has a glow at the top like a CRT monitor, rounded edges and a line that scans down from top to bottom. The scanlines are also distorted with the rest of the pixels, whereas before it was just overlaid after the image was distorted.

Eventually, “windowed scale” will be a resolution selector, but for now it just scales the window up by percentages of the original scale. It will also have a key binding menu for keyboard reconfiguration and gamepad support in the end too.

If you made it this far you’re pretty flipping awesome, this was way too much text for a short video, but if you’re interested in anything specific please do let me know!



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