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GameMaker Tutorial – Making Menus, Options and Controls

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Due to the enormous success of my other making menus tutorial, I’ve decided to make another more in-depth version featuring many concepts I’ve put on display over the past few months. Yes, this video is long. This is what it takes to make a professional grade menu system!

As you’ll see, when working on a large project, some errors and typos will come about along the way. Here’s a list of where certain errors were made and how they were fixed:
Duplication of control key object at 30:22
– This is fixed in 52:36.
obj_keyController’s STEP event missing switch statement at 33:00
– This error is fixed at 48:28.
rm_boot CREATE event, typo in reading ini file settings at 40:16
– This error is fixed at 54:53.

8:07 – The Button Part.
9:54 – Creating Main Menu.
17:10 – Creating Options Menu.
20:55 – Creating Controls Menu.
56:05 – Creating Sound Menu.
1:19:26 – Creating The Game Room.
1:23:26 – Final Words.

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Happy Coding 😀


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