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GMS 2 Tutorial – Damage Pop-ups – Draw Text – GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial

Hello everyone, in this GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial video we learn how to draw text on the screen and issue damage pop-ups when you deal damage or take damage. In this tutorial we go over how to make a font, how to use image_alpha as a timer to determine how long the text lasts on the screen before we instance_destroy(); to remove the damage pop up. I’ll show you how to make the damage pop-up scroll in any direction after it’s created, how to change the font color to any color you want, and how to use the draw_text_ext(); function. We also review how to create objects on the map if you’ve missed some of the previous tutorials using instance_create_layer();. We also look at a new function called string(); which will turn any value given into a string value that can be drawn on the screen as text which can be further manipulated. This is a simple way of making damage pop-ups and drawing text on the screen in a dynamic way, but there are hundreds of ways to make this work. You can experiment and come up with an even better way to make it work in your game, but this method works perfectly fine. I hope you find this tutorial helpful, thanks for watching.

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