Hello everyone, in this GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial video we learn how to make an object that let’s the player dock in a space station to repair itself with a button. This method goes over methods that teach you how to nest some conditional statements and else handlers to get the outcome you want using ‘and “&&”‘ (and) ‘or “”||”‘. We go over the logic that stops the player from wasting minerals if they don’t need healing in order to keep the player from getting frustrated. We learn how to check where the mouse is at and create clickable buttons that play sound effects and animations as well as execute whatever code you want. We create a new room, and a few new objects as well as a new sprite (which I’ve done off camera to save time.) We add a conditional to the player’s movement, and stops the player from shooting lasers, bombs, and moving while inside the station. One thing I showed, but forgot to actually talk about is making the player object persistent. (The player object needs to be persistent in order for it’s values to be referenced while inside the station.) Towards the end of the video I talk about some typical pitfalls that come along with making games, as well as give some valuable advice about making games in general. (Make several small projects before you try to make a medium size game.) I hope you find these tutorials helpful, thanks for watching.

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Le Vu

July 10, 2020

How' bout using event Mouse, Left Press for the obj_repairBot ?



July 10, 2020



Jordan The One

July 10, 2020

I was more focused on the background… (jk)


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