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GMS2 Tutorial – Pause Menu With Viewports – GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial

Hello everyone, in this GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial video we learn how to make a simple pause menu that works with viewports because most likely you’ll be using some sort of camera system in your game, and this method works really well to add a basic pause screen functionality to your game. We make a new font, edit (or create) an object to add a new variable called ‘pause’ to the create event, and add a few conditional statements to the step event and draw GUI event. We review some functions and go over some new functions that will be used to set color, opacity, draw rectangles, and text to the screen. The meat of this tutorial falls on a couple of really cool functions that let all objects be temporarily suspended until we toggle the new Boolean switch we created. (pause) I thought this would work well in most simple prototype games and even in some fully completed demos. Hopefully you found this tutorial helpful.

In this GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial series we’re going to look at all aspects of being a solo indie dev. We’re going to learn how to program using GameMaker Language(GML), how to make your own sprites, animations, sound effects, background music, tilesets, and basically everything related to making a game as a one person game studio. We’re going to do all of this, one small step at a time, by learning one thing at a time. Eventually after making several simple (and probably crappy) games, we’re going to try to make a game we can sell to make money. This should be a long running series and I’ll try to make these tutorials modular, so if you miss one of these tutorials you won’t be completely lost on the next few tutorials. I’m designing these tutorials to tackle a few simple things in each video (or maybe one big thing) so that you can hop around the playlist to freshen up on something you forgot how (or never learned) how to do if you get stuck. I hope you enjoy the GMS2 Tutorial series.

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