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Gorillaz Kong Graveyard Spore adventure

(I actually made this one after the Plastic Beach adventure, ignore the fact hat I uploaded them in the wrong order!)

You (captain) Beam down into the graveyard outside Kong Studios. Noodle is wandering around saying ‘Doggie? Doggie?’. You talk to Russel, who explains that they are looking for her pet dog. You then find the dog behind a tree, but the only way to bring it to Noodle is to have it follow the toy RC gorilla. Once you’ve done that, Murdoc says he wants to celebrate with a drink, but then a zombie gorilla steals his alcohol and runs off, and Murdoc chases it. Russel is passed out and Del has appeared. Del explains himself to you, and 2-D says he’s going to find Murdoc. Once 2-D has left, Noodle is standing next to the Geep with the car keys. You tell her to drop the keys and step away, but she begins driving it around like a lunatic while Del chases her, telling her to stop. She eventually crashes the Geep into a tree but is unhurt. Russel is woken up and Del disappears. Russel comes ove to the accident, angry, blaming you at first, then admitting that he believes it was Noodle but Murdoc won’t and that you should leave before Murdoc kicks you back into space.

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