Greed (UK version) – final question (Episode 11)

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Greed (UK version) – final question (Episode 11)

PLEASE HELP: If you have more clips or even full episodes, please do get in touch!

‘Greed’ was an international cash prize game show which applied similar gameplay conventions to that of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’. Adapted from Fox’s original American series, the UK version was hosted by Jerry Springer and had a £1 million jackpot. It aired on Channel 5 from May 18th to June 9th 2001, ending after just 11 episodes.

To my knowledge the UK series has never been repeated, and there have been no other clips from it uploaded to YouTube. After sifting through various websites, I managed to locate TWO clips which I have uploaded here for entertainment purposes only; I do not intend any infringement of copyright by doing so.

This particular clip is of the final question in the series from Episode 11.

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