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There’s a new way to play the popular Hedbanz game: Hedbanz Act Up! In this version, the object is to be the first player to get rid of your 12 tokens by correctly guessing the card on your head or by “acting up” to help another player correctly guess their card. Like in the original, each player wears a headband and inserts a card (without looking at it) into their headband. Then you take turns guessing the person, place, or thing on your card. But you get help! Roll the die and the player whose headband matches the color of the die roll has 20 seconds to act out the person, place, or thing on your card. When “acting up”, you can make a motion, point, or do anything physical but you can’t talk or make a noise, use a prop, or spell words using your hands.

If you guess what’s on your card correctly before time runs out, you and your actor each put one token in the bank. If there is still time left, you can draw a new card and work with the same actor to guess what’s on that card. If you don’t guess correctly before time runs out, your turn is over and it’s the next player’s turn.

The game is for two to six players and includes six headbands in six different colors, six player cards, a die, a 20-second timer, 180 cards, and 72 tokens. The game instructions include special rules for three players and rules for playing a more competitive game.


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Marshall L

June 30, 2020

Someone brought this over to play knowing that I like board games. He had no idea how to play it. Now that I know how I'm not going to waste my time playing this very poorly made game.


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