This masterclass is a MUST WATCH for all dentists reopening their practices post-COVID.

Contact us NOW if you’re reopening your practice and want to take advantage of the the new patient wave.

In this 1 hour masterclass, we will show you 6 easy steps you MUST take to reopen and REBOUND after 2 months of restrictions and closures. If you follow these 6 steps, you will not only get back to pre-COVID numbers but you’ll flourish and take full advantage of the “New Patient Wave” that is building in your community.

Here are the highlights:
1:28 – The Syllabus (Outline)
3:00 – The “New Patient Wave”
9:12 – The New Normal
12:45 – The NEW New Normal
18:43 – The 6 Must Do’s (intro)
22:00 – #1 Update Hours and Contact Information
25:20 – #2 Plan and Implement New Safety Policies
32:00 – #3 Announce New Policies and Procedures
37:50 – #4 Reschedule March-May Appointments Immediately
41:00 – #5 Reactivation Campaign

58:30 – Start the Reopening Journey (Next Steps)


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Dexter Foley

July 7, 2020

Great video, keep up the good work. I recommend SMZeus . c o m to get more social proof.


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