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How to refresh or reset windows 10 – Updated 2017

Here’s how to Refresh or Reset your Windows 10 PC with the step by step process applicable in 2017. I used ACER Aspire E-15 Laptop in this tutorial. Please note, the Microsoft have changed and merge the option to reset and refresh windows 10.

Yes, “Refresh this PC” and “Reset this PC” are now in single option since the update of windows 10, here in 1:30 is the option where you can select whether you “Refresh your PC” or “Reset your PC.” Don’t be confused of the terms “Refresh this PC and “Reset this PC.

“Remove everything” is also called Refresh your PC this will allow you to have clean installation of windows 10 and will remove all your files and applications. This was also called reformat or clean format.

“Keep my files” is also called Reset this PC will install new OS and will keep your files and default applications.

In this tutorial I demonstrated how to have a clean installation of your windows 10 in your PC. This process is previously call “Refresh this PC.” I will be resetting my ACER Aspire E-15.

Note: User Account Control might pop-up during the process and will ask administrator permission, just click “Allow” or “Yes” to proceed.

Thank you for watching! Hope this will help you reset or refresh your windows 10.

1. Your installed application will be uninstalled. You will have to install those again one by one. But, it will retain the default applications of windows.
2. If you want to retain your saved data on your application like Steam. You will have to backup your saved data and restore these after you install your application.
3. Your drivers will rollback to their default version (will update if you have internet connection).
4. If you have upgraded your graphics card like NVDIA, you will have to install its driver again.

NOTE: No instructional Audio. 🙂


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