How To Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App – Best Way To Remove Creative Cloud Completely

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How To Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App – Best Way To Remove Creative Cloud Completely

Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool –

In this video we will see how to delete or uninstall Adobe creative cloud completely from your PC/mac. This process does not require login or login so you can uninstall creative cloud without login. If you have important data or apps settings stored on your pc make sure you backup all those before removing creative cloud suite. You do not require internet connection to uninstall adobe creative cloud so you can uninstall it without internet or data connection. Adobe creative cloud is supported on Windows ( Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,Windows 10, Windows Server including all 32bit and 64bit Version ) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.9 or later). Adobe creative cloud manager manages language,files, subscription, programs/application, registration, licence, online cloud storage if you opted and other settings. If you installed another adobe software trial like Adobe photoshop cc, lightroom or other cc product installer also downloads creative cloud cc as bundle in some cases it is useless for example if you paid for particular software. It starts on every os startup if you’re not logged in which is annoying(you can stop adobe creative cloud on startup using startup settings). Can I uninstall adobe creative cloud? You ask, Yes! If you are using latest version of adobe creative cloud (2017 version) and latest Windows OS (Windows 10 desktop/laptop, convertible tablets/ regular windows tablets) you can uninstall it directly from programs list without errors. You can use third party uninstaller/cleaner like revo uninstaller which removes registry ,app data files,scripts, packages/packagers and other cached data completely from your computer. If you are on older versions of adobe creative studio and older os then it shows errors (will not uninstall). If you can’t uninstall adobe, Uninstall option is unavailable or having problems uninstalling you can download uninstaller software(adobe uninstall tool) from official adobe help website. Adobe Creative Cloud silent uninstaller will open command line on computer so you have to uninstall it carefully because carefully because uninstaller menu also contains settings to uninstall other adobe softwares, so watch this video we showed how to uninstall creative cloud step by step. List will show all versions of adobe creative cloud (2014,2015,2016,2017) so select correct version(check version of creative cloud suite on your pc first) This process also removes/deletes adobe creative cloud folder from your file explorer if not please comment. This does not remove other software for example if you downloaded photoshop and you removed creative cloud then this process will keep photoshop and uninstall creative cloud. If creative cloud folder is still there on your system you can easily hide it.

Follow this simple steps to uninstall adobe creative studio from PC
1) Open your web browser I am using Mozilla Firefox
2) Search Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool in Google
3) Open adobe help link (link is available in above)
4) Click on AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool.exe (removal tool/uninstaller)
5) Save file
6) close your browser after download finishes
7) Run Setup File As Administrator ( command line menu will appear)
8) Type e and click enter
9) Type y And Press Enter
10) Type 4 And Press Enter
11) Type 1 And Press Enter
12) Type y And Press Enter
Done! you removed adobe creative studio from your PC

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