In Joe’s absence Nick teams up with a card carrying RPG aficionado and general master of geekdom, Matt “The Correlbow” Correll from State of the Nerd to play Card Hunter!

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About This Game
Welcome, bold adventurer! Card Hunter is an online collectible card game which blends together card play, deck building, tactical combat and fantasy role-playing in a way you’ve never seen before. Grab your cards, miniatures, dice and snacks, then journey to a new world of adventure on the tabletop of your Game Master, Gary.

Build your party and set forth on a grand adventure in the massive single-player campaign. Each adventure will challenge your deck-building skills and tactical prowess as you battle horrifying Black Oozes, savage War Monkeys and more.

Amass a collection of fantastical swords, shields and other adventuring gear. In Card Hunter’s unique deck building system, equipping your party with these items builds your deck for you.

Enter the fray on a grid based battlefield. Prepare for turn-based strategy where you must play your cards right to defeat your foes and be rewarded with experience and loot.

When you’re ready, challenge other players in casual games, ranked matches or regularly scheduled leagues. Can you rise to the top of this month’s season? Can you and your undead minions triumph in the Graveyard Gambol league? Multiplayer Card Hunter is a never-ending challenge.

Don’t want to face the monsters alone? Adventure co-operatively with one or two friends and share the dangers of Cardhuntria as well as the rewards.

When you’re done with the huge core campaign, try out the adventures of Omin, Binwin and Jim from Acquisitions Incorporated with an exclusive story written by Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins. Then get ready for when robots and insane computers invade in the all new Expedition to the Sky Citadel set. Or, if you prefer your monsters from the murky mists of time, brave the challenge of prehistoric monsters and intelligent weapons in the fiendish Attack of the Artifacts.

Title: Card Hunter #CardHunter
Genre: Free to Play, #RPG, Strategy
Developer: Blue Manchu
Publisher: #BlueManchu #Manchu
Release Date: Jul 13, 2015

#Free #Free2Play #FreeToPlay #CardGame #Strategy #BoardGame


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Jonathan Melendez

July 10, 2020

Darkest Dungeon narrator voice is sexy af. I bought the game just for him


Channel DB

July 10, 2020

You did more dmg to Matt than the baddies.   Fail….


Channel DB

July 10, 2020

RIP joe


Instant Replay Live

July 10, 2020

Dat Correlbow voice acting.


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