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Kiznaiver, Death Note, and the "Death Game" Genre

Oh boy I sure do like me some societal context!

Extra Clarification: The term Sabaibukei means “survival story”, or “type”, or “theme” (“sabaiburu” = Japanization of “survival”). The reason it’s also known as “death game” is just because Battle Royale was the forerunner for sabaibukei and it depicts the most literally “death game”. However, it’s not meant to be taken in an extremely literal sense.

It’s important to note that this is just a small slice of a bigger picture.

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Tanaka, M. Trends of Fiction in 2000s Japanese Pop Culture. (2014). electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies.

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~Music~(All from the Kiznaiver OST)
共有意識の認識 (Kyouyuuishiki No Ninshiki)
喪失と疎外 (Soushitsu To Sogai)
透明な想い (Toumei Na Omoi)
女の思惑 (Onna No Omowaku)


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