“Names are like spotlights. They focus attention on the person to whom you are talking.” – Dick DeVenzio

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PGC is where serious players train in the off-season. We teach players to think the game at a college and pro level and become leaders both on and off the court.

Thousands of players from middle school to college attend a PGC camp each year. Our camps are specialized for players at every level of the game, so no matter what level you play at right now, PGC will help you reach the next level.

We teach the game, not a group of skills specific to one position. Any player will benefit from a PGC camp — regardless of their position or skill level — as long as they are truly eager to learn the game.

More than 95,000 serious basketball players have trained with PGC in the off-season, and it’s where top NBA and college coaches send their own kids to learn to think the game.

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Khrist Callada

July 9, 2020

This was helpful and a little bit funny. thanks


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