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MANU Video Game Maker – Getting Started Guide

Check this video to master all the basics of MANU Video Game Maker: in less than 10 minutes you will understand how to switch between different Modes, how to create primitives, make new animations, setup the game camera and many more.

0:04 How to Create New or Open Project
0:22 Overview of the MANU UI: Edit Mode, Animation Mode, Game Mode
1:39 Navigation in the 3D view
2:40 Focus on the specific object
2:49 Moving the Object
3:15 Move the Main Character
3:29 Rotation
3:49 Scale
4:27 Hierarchies (parenting, groups)
4:55 Importing 3D models (FBX, DAE, OBJ) to MANU
5:23 Animating the object

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