Here is a new blog game that we all can play. It is called BackLink To Me. This is a new and fun blog game that we all can play, which will help us increase our backlinks. Backlinks, as we all know, is the foundation to a successful or increased Google PageRank. If you want to increase your Google PageRank, you have to increase the number of backlinks to your site and almost as importantly, your secondary or (deep linked) pages. Backlinks are a collection of other pages on the Net that link back to your site or page within your site. Playing the new blog game, BackLink To Me will help you increase the number of sites that link to your site.

Hello! My Name Is Sharique. My website is at . I have a BackLink to Madhur & eches. Here is how the game works:

1. Create a new post and title it, “New Blog Game – BackLink To Me“.

2. Copy my entire post and paste it into your new post.

3. Change my name to your name.

4. Change my website address to your website address

5. Change the name of the person I have a backlink to my name!

6. Link my name back to the url of this post!

By participating in this blog game your site and one deep link page within your site will be a link in a huge chain of blogs that are all connected together. Google bots visit our sites daily (not sure if you knew that). By keeping our chain of links all together in a continuously growing circuit, we gain and increase a united linking strength. I want those Google Bots to visit all of our pages so that we all can have an improved Google PageRank.

If you decide to play the new blog game, please remember to link directly to this post, not my home page. I already have a link to that here on this post.

Please write a quick comment here on this post to let me know you are playing! That way I can keep track.

Have Fun!

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