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[[Hello everyone! I disabled the comments because this video is over a year old, and the information is outdated.
I made this video during my senior year of high school for my fellow yearbook staff members, and I didn’t expect this amount of attention to one video. I’ve received over 350+ subscribers and this video alone is at over 100 thousand views, and I thank you all for that. I am just a self taught artist who is just now starting their journey onto college, so I am in no way a professional just yet.

The responses toward this video have been overwhelming, and considering I had just recently started college, finding time to make videos is sparse. I want to keep creating art, and hopefully new videos in the future.

Therefore, I am much more active on my social media, such as my twitter or my tumblr. There you will find traditional and digital art, including character designs, chalkboard art, and small animations. Feel free to check those out in the links below!
Thank you!]]
– Smolbot

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Step by step:
0:22 – 0:32 : What you need in order to do Refine Edge. A High quality photo, and Photoshop CC.

0:49 – 1:05 : Duplicating the main layer and turning off the visibility.

1:06 – 1:38 : Selecting a photo for Refine Edge and the methods of Selection.

1:39 – 1:57 : The Quick Selection tool and removing/adding the selection. (To subtract, hold down the Alt button while using your brush. To add, hold down the shift button.)

1:58 – 2:07 : Where to find the “Select and Mask” (Refine Edge Button)

2:08 – 2:21 : The Refine Edge tools and view modes.

2:21 – 2:38 : Smart Radius and how to use it

2:39 – 2:58 : The Refine Edge brush and how to use it

2:59 – 3:19 : The Black & White View Mode, adjusting the Smooth, Feather, and Contrast options, and how it affects your image

3:20 – 3:43 : Using the Decontaminate Colors option and the finished product.

Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop:
Marquee Tool (M)
Lasso Tool/Polygonal Tool (L or Shift + L)
Quick Selection/Magic Wand Tool (W or Shift W)
Pen Tool (P)


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