SOLVED! Scanner USB error Fixed | Troubleshooting tips for scanner issues when using Photoshop

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In this video I’m going to show u how u can solve common scanning problem in Photoshop.

Symptoms :
i. Preview & Scan button freezes or ends in error code! This problem most often caused by weak USB Ports or in old PC

ii. After pressing import — Scanner Model Name — Photoshop stops responding or shows error
iii. Pressing import — WIA support — Photoshop stops responding or shows error
iv. Preview or Scan button stops responding or shows error

Solution :
1. Unplug unnecessary USB device from the PC except the scanner Specially USB Modem and Webcam
i. Go to Device Manager
ii. Select Universal Serial Bus Controllers
iii. You will find some USB Root Hub *Number varies in PCs
iv. Select Properties from the bottom one
v. Select Advanced
vi. Select Reset Hub. This will reset the hub and u will hear the scanner starting sound
vii. follow process for each USB Root Hub most often works the no. 4 from bottom one
viii. Restart the PC and try Scanning.

Suggestion : Never use old Mass storage device or flash drive and Memory card that has poor user experience.

Use Scanner only after unplugging USB modem and webcam for trouble free scanning.

Hope this process will work for you. ENJOY!

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