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Space Station 13 – The Strongest Wizard (Cancermancer)

A game-show hosting space wizard commits heresy by mind melding with a statue, a demon, and a janitor(?)

In this space station 13 video I am one part space wizard, one part statue, three part laughter demon, and half-a-part janitor. I abuse these roles with my (not-so) mighty fireball, blasting my enemies into submission. For your retinal pleasure I have vignetted each of the up close fireball blasts.

I utilize the power of my flesh-to-stone spell with a staff of animation to strike fear into the hearts of at least 3 people and then put on some kind of game-show? Also there might be dorms ERP? And a janitor ERT killing other janitors with a shotgun? Is that a kill counter? Why are there so many colors??

Just another ss13 wizard round, this one checks all the boxes. Space Wizard check. Cancermancer check. Fireball check. Korol dies check. Spoiler check.

Post death salt? Heavy check.


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