THE GREAT TURTLE FIGHT OF 2015 (Disney Hedbanz)

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THE GREAT TURTLE FIGHT OF 2015 (Disney Hedbanz)

Watch as we do our own Disney Headbanz Challenge… and shuffle cards poorly.

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We are a couple of best friends from Ontario, Canada. And we are both OBSESSED with all things Disney. Come along with us on our adventures! Both big and small!

We will be posting a new video every Monday. We like to call them “MAGIC MONDAYS” because we wanted to help you start the week off right! We also want you guys to get involved! Each week we will feature a different piece of Disney Fan Art! So get creative and send your artwork to us! This is for both the young and young at heart so everyone can enter! You can also be a part of our videos by commenting on our comment topic of the week! Each week we will feature one of your comments at the end of our video!

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