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Top 5 Lightsaber Duels In Star Wars Jedi Knight II ! 💪

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Shout out to Raph and Matty from The Game Show. These boys are next level, and hugely underrated. If you like Star Wars, and older video games their stuff will be right up your alley!

The Game Show Channel:

Every. Single. Time. I load up this game I fall a little bit more in love with it ❤️ Saying anything is ‘the best’ is never really a black and white thing, but for sure this game is THE BEST in some category or other! Can you believe there a STILL multiplayer servers in operation for this game, even now 17 years after it’s launch. Crazy stuff, and a testament to how legitimately bloody good this title is!

For me it’s the single player campaign that’s always stood out in this game though. Even after having played it through god knows how many times, I’m still coming back for more. Yes Jedi Academy does more with the saber combat, but there’s just *something* about JK2, and it’s not just the fantastic characters and rock solid classic Star Wars story. Somehow the saber combat in JK2 still just feels right… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe it’s that the lightsabers and the combat here is in it’s ‘purest’ form. Sure it doesn’t have the bells and whistles with the new saber designs and skill moves that came in Jedi Academy, but somehow I almost want to say I prefer the lightsabers here. Maybe that’s just being nostalgic… Regardless there awesome, and these 5 saber duels are absolutely timeless. In another 15 years time there’ll still be just as good, and no doubt we’ll still be waiting for another video game to do what JK2 has done for lightsabers in video games all those years ago.

The gameplay you see here is heavily modded. Check out my complete 2018 playthrough of JK2 if you want to see me swinging more electric swords! 😊

2018 Playthrough:

Here are the mods showcased in this video:

(note that there a major conflicts with these mods in their ‘vanilla’ state, and they require significant tweaking of the mod files in order to all work together)


Get JK2 working in a modern resolution:

JK2 Console Commands:

Jedi Knight Discord:

Music: composed by John Williams and arranged by Raven Software.

– A Jedi’s Lightsaber: John Williams
– Talk of the Force: John Williams
– Dark Forces OST: Clint Bajakian



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