In this #bestdayever video, DaddyB had a tough run after taking off a week, Kelsey and MommaB play Disney HedBanz game, and Kylie and DaddyB pick up Kylie from her soccer pizza and ice cream party from Shelter Cover Towne Center. On the drive back home, Keira makes dad’s heart drop by saying she met a nice guy on Roblox! Watch to hear the whole story. 😀 Click SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and CHOOSE HAPPINESS!


🌴 Living on Hilton Head Island, SC🌴 We are a family of 6, on a journey of less junk, more travel, and living a simple healthy lifestyle. 🍎🥕 Positive vibes only✌🏻#hiltonhead #familyvlog #running #travel #disney #BestDayEver

Lindy (MommaB) is our fitness role model. Besides devoting most of her time to being a great mom (homeschooling 3 of our daughters), she’s a personal trainer and group exercise instructor (BodyPump, CycleBar, Yoga).

Scott (DaddyB) is the family techie, DIYer, and works from home for a software company. He is on a mission to get into the best shape of his life and has recently started a running campaign to do that. Tune in to watch his journey.

Caleb is our gamer. Fortnite is currently the game of choice for him and his friends. He is also an athlete in cross country running, basketball, and soccer. He’s wrapping up his 8th grade year in school.

Kylie is our gymnast, actress, singer, and animal lover. She has been cast in local community theater plays for The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, and hopes to get a part in upcoming Grease. She volunteers at horse stables and an animal farm in return for free trail rides.

Keira is our free spirit, soccer star, and loves Winnie the Pooh. She always has a positive energy that makes people want to be around her. Friends are always knocking on our door to see if she can come out and play.

Caden is our angel in heaven👼, has shown us the value of life, and to start each day with the attitude that it’s going to be the best day ever.

Kelsey is our rainbow baby and has kept us grounded in faith knowing that at the end of each storm there is a beautiful rainbow. She’s as smart as they come – I think because she learns so much from her older siblings and that she repeats everything we say (gotta be careful😄).

We hope you enjoy our channel and adventures!


Spring by Ikson @ikson
Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs
Palm Beach by Peyruis


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